LeMieux Tech, LLC is a media creation and technical consulting company. We offer tailored technology products and technical, video editing, and drone photography services.

Contact us regarding your tech questions no matter how big or small!


  • Custom Machine Build

    We custom build high performance PC's for any project on any budget. Our PCs play video games from the classics to current, power home theatres, control home appliances and filter networks.

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  • Upgrades

    If you're looking to get more use from your current system, we also provide DIY upgrade advice and assistance for any working device.

    Please contact us with your device info, issues, and we will reach out to perform a remote session.

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  • Drone Photography

    We provide drone video/photography as well as professional aerial inspection photography analysis.

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  • Products For Sale

    Visit our store to purchase pre-configured appliances.


  • Consultation

    Have a unique media or technology project with specific requirements? Contact us for a personal technical consulation.

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Who We Are

LeMieux Tech LLC is a media and technology company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have 11 years in the IT industry and a passion for empowering people with technology.

  • 1,400 Project Hours
  • 6 Customers
  • 5 Custom Solutions Built

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